What makes EST-products "eco-friendly"?

  1. EST LED-lamps consume about 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs and about 50% less than fluorescents. Less energy consumption means a proportional reduction of greenhouse gas emission released by conventional power generation.
  2. EST LED-lamps last for more than 50.000 hours and comparatively replace about 5 fluorescent, 25 incandescent, and 33 halogen bulbs each, thus creating a lot less waste.
  3. EST LED lamps do not contain harmful substances like mercury used in fluorescents.
  4. EST LED-lamps produce less heat than incandescent or halogen lamps, thereby reducing the energy used by climate control devices during warm weather.

How do EST-products "save money"?

  1. EST LED-lamps consume about 50-85% less electrical power than conventional bulbs. You save by using less Kilowatt (kW) and often get a better price per Kilowatt because of reduced annual consumption.
  2. EST LED-lamps each replace 5 to 33 conventional bulbs. Every time you replace a burnt out bulb you spend time and money buying and installing a new one.

What kind of bulbs should be replaced by LED-bulbs?

  1. The light-intensity of modern LED-bulbs/-spots is powerful enough to replace incandescent bulbs with a medium wattage of 25 W/h to 40 W/h and halogen bulbs with 15W to 35 W
  2. PAR30 or PAR 38 bulbs with 65 to 75 Watts can easily be replaced too.

Why do EST LED-lamps have such high light quality?

  1. EST LED-lamps in general work with a much higher color rendering index (CRI > 90) than fluorescents (CRI ~ 70). Everything looks more natural and vivid in a light with a high CRI.
  2. With most of our products you can chose between a more warm-white or a natural-white light color.

What exactly does "50.000 hours lifetime" mean?

  1. EST LED-lamps are fail-safe and last for more than 22 years if you operate them 6 hours a day.
  2. EST LED-lamps are shock-proof and non-sensitive to vibrations.

Why are EST products much safer than conventional light bulbs?

  1. Conventional bulbs work with an annealing atmosphere of inert gases or a vacuum. There is always a potential danger of imploding or otherwise breaking of the glass bulb and a possibility of getting hurt by the cullet. EST LED-lamps by contrast are break-safe, they contain no gases, don't have a vacuum and are sturdily designed.
  2. Conventional bulbs are shock-sensitive and can be easily damaged without the buyer noticing it on the way from the store to his/her home or while installing them. EST lamps are shock-proof.

Why do EST LED lamps need a "heat sink"?

  1. A heat sink is a cooling device with a thermal conductor made mostly of aluminum. Though the LED lamp absorbs no heat like a conventional incandescent with its hot filament, there is a certain amount of heat generated inside the semiconductor during the process of light emission and this heat has to be absorbed and dissipated to assure the efficiency, light quality and long life of the product.
  2. EST heat-sinks are designed to combine technical performance with aesthetics.